ENM II activities

Strategic Research and Cooperation Agenda


  • To assure the strategic orientation of the different ENM II activities;


  • Develop a strategic agenda for ENM II and for future cooperation, in close cooperation to the ETP Nanomedicine;

  • Design a long-term sustainable cooperation framework scenario, to continue this European collaboration after the end of the ERA-NET.

Joint funding activities in nanomedicine


  • To support European innovative RTD research in nanomedicine through joint transnational calls;

  • To increase the attractiveness of multidisciplinary and transversal nanomedicine research within the younger generation of scientists;


  • Successfully organize four joint transnational calls that are in line with the strategic priorities of the ETP Nanomedicine during the four-year period of EuroNanoMed II;

  • Provide a platform dedicated to young scientists’ information and networking;

  • Use specific measures to stimulate the participation of young scientists in the ENM II calls. 

Monitoring and optimisation of activities


  • Monitor the activities of ENM II with an aim of continuous improvement;


  • Identify relevant indicators to monitor both the ENM II programme and the funded projects;

  • Follow the progress of the EuroNanoMed (I&II)-funded projects and analyse the outcomes of the joint calls.

Regulatory Affairs, Ethical and Safety Issues 


  • To increase knowledge and dialogue of the scientific community and stakeholders regarding the specific regulatory, ethical and safety issues in the field of nanomedicine;


  • Train EuroNanoMed funded researchers in regulatory, ethical and safety issues;

  • Foster dialogue among nanomedicine stakeholders from research, industry, agencies and policy makers.

Communication and dissemination


  • To build an information bridge between research and society emphasizing the benefit of research collaboration in the field of nanomedicine;


  • Disseminate the results of ENM II activities to the scientific community, to policy makers and other initiatives in the field of nanomedicine and nanomaterials;

  • Increase general public awareness to the pivotal issues on nanomedicine by producing video clips and maintaining a Facebook page.

Extension of ENM I achievements


  • Tailor EuroNanoMed II to the needs of the European nanomedicine research community;


  • Continue the European coordination of research and programmes in nanomedicine, integrating new members (already Norway, Italy and Flanders, and more planning to join);

  • Keep close relations with the relevant stakeholders (especially the ETP Nanomedicine) and the research community in order to react flexibly to the needs and new developments in nanomedicine research.