EuroNanoMed II

EuroNanoMed II is an ERA-NET comprising 20 partners from 17 countries/regions, that has been granted for funding through the European Commission ’s 7th Framework Programme. It will run from November 2012 to October 2016.

The ERA-NET serves as a platform for funding agencies and ministries, to develop joint activities and programmes in order to coordinate high quality research across national borders.

EuroNanoMed II builds on the achievements of its predecessor, the EuroNanoMed ERA-NET, which was funded by the European Commission from 2009 to 2011. Through 3 joint calls for proposals, EuroNanoMed granted 24 transnational research projects on Nanomedicine with a total funding of €25 million from its partner organizations and an additional €21 million from the participating project partners.

The aim of EuroNanoMed II is to continue fostering the competitiveness of European nanomedicine actors through the support of transnational collaborative and multidisciplinary research and technology development projects with participants ranging from academia, clinical/public health communities, and industry (particularly small and medium-sized enterprises). Among the most important activities of EuroNanoMed II are annually launched joint transnational calls for proposals for research groups operating in the EuroNanoMed II partner countries.