Management framework


NSC: Network Steering Committee

It is composed of one representative from each ENM II partner organisation and it is the highest responsible body of ENM II.

OG: Operating Group

It is composed of some of the members of the NSC: the coordinator, the work package leaders and the NSC Chairman.

CSC: Call Steering Committee

It is formed for each joint call and composed of those NSC members taking part in the joint call (“variable geometry” principle), and additional partners outside the consortium which may join the calls.

EAB: External Advisory Board

It is composed of experts from academic research, clinic, SME and large industry, covering the nanomedecine main fields: targeted delivery systems, diagnostics, regenerative medicine as well as regulatory and ethical aspects.

Coordination Unit

It is composed of a coordinator, a project manager and a financial and administrative officer, located at the French National Research Agency (ANR).